Natural Nail Colour Glitter


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Suitable for every outfit and/or occasion! The Herôme Natural Nail Colour Glitter is a polish with a fresh pink tint that helps protect against scratches on the nail.

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The polish is extra beautiful when used with the Herôme French Liner or the Perfect Nail Contour “White or Without”. The Natural Nail Colour Glitter is also available as part of the Herôme French Manicure Set.

Herôme Natural Nail Colour Glitter USP’s

• Nail polish with strengthening effect
• Use as often as desired
• Can be used to create a French Manicure
• Available in four natural colours

Recommended in combination with…

Use the Herôme French Liner for a neat white-tipped French Manicure border. The perfect French Manicure is easy to create with this practical and easy manicure kit!

Instructions for use

De-grease and clean the nails with the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover so that nail polish can be better absorbed and the results last longer.
Step 1: Apply Perfect Nail Contour “White or Without” to the tips of the nails. This white polish helps to accentuate the edges of each nail. However, this first step can be skipped if desired.
Step 2: Apply the Multi Nail Colour Salmon, Pink, Glitter or Glamour to the entire nail.
Step 3: Finish with the Herôme Protecting Top Coat, for a brilliant shine and strong protective layer. This layer is dust dry within just ten seconds.

Additional information

Weight 0057 kg
Dimensions 35 × 135 × 35 cm







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