Natural Nail Colour Glitter


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Paint and shine! The Natural Nail Colour Glitter turns every nail into a party. The strengthening polish ensures that nails are less likely to break.

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The Natural Nail Colour Glitter is a nail polish that protects your nails and makes them shine. Do you want to turn it into a French Manicure? This can easily be done with the French Liner or the Perfect Nail Contour White or Without, which create pearly white nail edges in no time. You can also buy the Natural Nail Colour Glitter in a French Manicure Set.

  • Firming nail polish that protects the nail.
  • Can be used as often as desired.
  • Perfect in combination with French Manicure nail products.
  • In addition to ‘Glitter’, the Natural Nail Colour is also available in three other shades: Salmon, Pink and Glamour.

Step 1: first degrease the nails with a nourishing nail polish remover, so that the nail polish adheres better and stays beautiful for longer.

Step 2: then apply the Perfect Nail Contour White or Without to the edge of the nail. With this polish you create pearly white nail edges. You can also skip this step.

Step 3: paint your nails with the Natural Nail Colour Glitter and apply a layer over the entire nail bed.

Step 4: finally, use the Protecting Top Coat for extra shine and a strong protective layer. Wait ten seconds and your nails are dry.

Do you have dry and brittle nails? Use a nourishing nail oil to restore the condition of your nails and protect them from breaking.

Don’t forget to take care of your cuticles. With the intensive cuticle oil you moisturize, nourish and soothe your cuticles.


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