Nail Wraps: Pink & Gold Marble

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Achieve the perfectly “polished” nails within minutes with the Herome Nail Wraps, and enjoy beautiful manicure for 7 days! You can apply them anywhere: no strong odour, and they dry instantly. The Nail Wraps are also easy to remove and won’t discolour your nails. No UV/LED lamp needed. Healthier and more convenient! Try it now.

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Discover the nail care revolution with Herome Nail Wraps. In just minutes, you can achieve perfect ‘painted’ nails without the mess of wet nail polish.


Benefits of Herome Nail Wraps:


  • Quick & Easy: Perfect nails anytime, anywhere.
  • Odourless: Apply them wherever you like, at home or on the go.
  • Instantly Dry: No smudges or waiting time.
  • Long-lasting Results: Lasts up to 7 days, and with the Herome Protecting Top Coat, even up to two weeks.
  • Healthy & Safe: No harmful UV or LED lamp required, and it won’t discolour your nails.
  • Easy Removal: No hassle, just peel them off when you want.

Please note that this product does not include the Cuticle Pusher or Protecting Top Coat. If you don’t have these at home, you should check out our Nail Wrap starter kits.

Preparation: Gently push back the cuticles using the Cuticle pusher. By pushing back the cuticles, you can enjoy the Nail Wrap for a longer time since it should never be applied on the cuticle but just below it.


Make sure to cleanse the nail using, for example, Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover before applying the stickers. This ensures better adhesion and prevents bubbles under the sticker.


Step 1: Choose the right sticker

Select the nail sticker slightly smaller than your own nail (if you have artificial nails, opt for the larger variant to mask the curvature of the artificial nail). If you can’t find the perfect size, you can always trim the sticker a bit. Remove the protective layer from the chosen nail sticker.


Step 2: Applying

Peel the sticker off the sheet and place it just below the cuticle. Press the sticker from the bottom to the top until it reaches the nail tip. Make sure the sticker doesn’t touch the skin or cuticles. Once the sticker is in place, you can fold the edge over the top of the nail and ensure that it’s firmly adhered everywhere.


Step 3: Filing

File away the excess sticker from top to bottom, following the fold. For larger pieces, trim them first with nail clippers. Avoid filing sideways to prevent damage. For short nails, you can also shorten the sticker with nail clippers.



TIP: Apply Herome Protecting Top Coat. This seals the sticker, allowing you to enjoy your manicure for up to 10 days. The Top Coat also provides a beautiful and professional shine.


Removing the Nail Wrap:

To protect the nail, always remove the Nail Wraps using a nail oil, such as Herome Nourishing Nail Oil. Apply the oil over the Wraps and gently lift the bottom, near the cuticle. Once you’ve lifted it slightly and applied some oil underneath, you can easily remove the Nail Wrap and any remaining sticker residue. Planning to apply new stickers or polish? Cleanse the nails for better adhesion with Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover.

Before using the Nail Wraps, try applying a layer of Herome’s Ridge Filling Base Coat. It helps improve the adhesion of the stickers so that you can enjoy your nail art for that much longer. It also helps to prevent any sticker residue post-removal. But do make sure it has dried completely before applying the stickers.

For best results, we recommend applying the stickers just before you go to bed. This gives them the whole night to adhere to your nails without coming into contact with creams, water or soap.

While nail stickers don’t damage or weaken the nails, we would still recommend a little post-removal pampering. Why not try Herome’s Nourishing Nail Oil or Hydrating Nail Oil?


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