Nail White Pencil


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Hello, pearly-white nails! With the Nail White Pencil, you can create a perfect French Manicure in no time.

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With this nail pencil you can quickly and easily create white nail edges. The effect of the Nail White Pencil looks even better in combination with the Natural Nail Whitener Blue Glow or Pink Glow.

  • Whitens the nail edges quickly and easily.
  • Beautiful pearly white nail edges.
  • For a natural look.
  • To be used in combination with a Natural Nail Whitener.

Use the pencil to colour under the nail. This way you create beautiful pearly white edges, so that your nails look cared-for and natural. By wetting the tip of the pencil, the white colour will last longer.

Are you short on time? With this nail pencil you can create pearly white nail edges in no time, wherever you are. Handy if you have a party or work meeting.

For a classic French Manicure with a light pink shade, use the Natural Nail Whitener Pink. This nail polish accentuates the natural pink color of the nail, gives extra shine and makes the nail edges whiter.


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