Nail Perfect Anti Aging


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The Nail Perfect Anti Aging provides instant rejuvenation for the nails! Who does not want to be protected against aging?

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  • Content: 10ml
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The Herome Nail Perfect Anti Aging protects and nourishes your nails. The product leaves a protective layer on the nails, which causes any irregularities and discoloration to be camouflaged, resulting in smooth and shiny nails. Nails are hydrated and fed with an advanced A, C and E vitamin complex. This also helps to prevent the splitting of the nails.

Herome Nail Perfect Anti Aging USPs

• Makes nails smooth and strong
• Contains vitamin A, C and E
• Gives nails a natural fresh color which hides discolored / yellowed nails
• Protects against the effects of early aging with anti-aging complex
• Creates a protective film against splitting and discoloration
• Dries quickly and gives extreme shine

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Instructions for Use

Start applying 1-2 layers to dry, clean nails. Allow the paint to dry before applying the next coat.


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