Nail Essentials Set Weak and Splitting Nails


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Fix it yourself! This Nail Essentials Set will help you create strong nails that can handle anything. Goodbye dents or cracks, hello radiant nails!

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Herome has the perfect solution for every nail problem. Do you suffer from broken, weak nails? This manicure set helps prevent your nails from breaking and improves the condition of the nails and cuticles.

The convenient mini products in this manicure set will help you become familiar with the extensive collection of Herome’s nail care products.


  • Caring Nail Polish Remover 10ml
  • Nail Hardener Strong 4ml
  • Cuticle Cream 3ml

Step 1: Caring Nail Polish Remover

The Herome Caring Nail Polish Remover is an acetone-free nail polish remover that effectively cleans the nails and prevents them from drying out. The remover moisturizes the nails and removes nail polish in a very mild way. The ingredients: Lanolin and D-panthenol, give the nails shine and flexibility.

Apply the nourishing nail polish remover to a dry cotton pad and let it rest on the nail for a while. Always remove nail polish and/or grease from the cuticle by moving towards the nail tip. After this, the nail will be clean, grease-free, and well-nourished.


Step 2: Nail Hardener Strong

The Nail Hardener Strong prevents weak nails from cracking or breaking. Please be aware: do not use this product immediately after removing acrylic nails.

On the first day, apply one layer of nail hardener to the nail. On the second day, repeat this. On the third day, remove both layers with the Caring Nail Polish Remover. Repeat these steps for 30 days.


Step 3: Cuticle Cream

The Cuticle Cream is the solution for torn and irritated cuticles. This rich cuticle cream contains vitamin F, Aloe Vera, and Bisabolol and takes care of the cuticle, stimulates wound healing, and prevents hangnails. 

Apply the cream all over the cuticle on a daily basis. The cream is also suitable to use for your toenails.


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