Nail Essentials Set Large After Fake Nails or Medical Use

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Said goodbye to your acrylic nails? This Nail Essentials Set quickly repairs damaged nails and cuticles. Result: a set of healthy nails. Also suitable for nails that are damaged due to medicine use.

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Do you suffer from damaged nails due to artificial nails or medication use? This Nail Essentials set ensures that you get strong, beautiful nails again. Herome believes that beautiful, natural nails are possible for everyone. Artificial nails are often harmful to the nails because they are aggressively applied and removed. The use of medication can also make the nails feel sensitive and weak. This Nail Essentials Set contains all the tools to get beautiful and healthy nails. The perfect solution for every nail problem!

The Herome Exit Damaged Nails directly repairs extremely damaged nails and is therefore suitable for use following the removal of artificial nails. The product also restores the nails after, for example, a disorder or problem that weakens the nails. Almond oil is rich in minerals and vitamins, which leaves nails rehydrated and properly cared for.


Exit Damaged Nails 7ml (full size product)
Cuticle Night Repair 1.9g
Nail Hardener Sensitive 10ml

Step 1: Exit Damaged Nails

The rich almond oil with vitamins and minerals repairs extremely damaged nails. The advanced vitamin complex A, C, E, F, panthenol, and silicon nourishes the nail from the inside.

Clean the nails with the Caring Nail Polish Remover. Apply 1 drop of almond oil per nail daily for 1 week. Massage the oil in. For optimal results, do not use nail polish during the recovery treatment. Repeat if you have sensitive nails.


Step 2: Cuticle Night Repair

No more damaged or inflamed cuticles. The healing effect of the Cuticle Night Repair will help restore your cuticles within one week. The combination of ingredients such as jojoba and almond oil, shea butter, vitamin E and bisabolol, repair dry and cracked cuticles and stimulate nail growth.

Apply the cuticle oil to the cuticles daily. Let the oil absorb well. This product can also be used for the toenails.


Step 3: Nail Hardener Sensitive

After the recovery treatment with the Exit Damaged Nails (duration: one week), this nail hardener is the next step for beautiful, long nails. The nail hardener is hypoallergenic and contains algae extract that stimulates nail growth: ideal for sensitive nails.

After the recovery cure with the Exit Damaged Nails– apply one layer of the nail hardener on the first day and a second layer the next day. On the third day, remove both layers with the Caring Nail Polish Remover. Repeat these steps for 21 days.


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