Micro Dermabrasion Anti Aging


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Herome Micro Dermabrasion Anti Aging is the perfect way to achieve peachy skin! Micro crystals remove dead skin cells and impurities whilst leveling out irregularities.

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The Micro-Dermabrasion Anti Aging offers great benefits in reducing age spots and unwanted pigmentation. It goes beyond ordinary peelings because in addition to promoting the intensive purification of the skin; it also evens out skin tone. Added Shea butter and Vitamin E protect your skin against dehydration, free radicals and promote healthy blood circulation. The result? Shiny, soft hands!

Herome Micro Dermabrasion Anti Aging USP’s

• Gently exfoliates skin through professional microcrystals
• Activates the natural skin renewal process
• Smoothing effect; skin appears pink, youthful and fresh
• Most modern form of anti-aging technique available on the beauty market
• Stimulates blood flow, oxygen supply and cell renewal
• Herôme offers a complete anti-aging program to improve aging skin

Recommended in combination with…

Be especially cautious after peeling; use with the Herome Hand Cream Extra Anti Aging SPF12 to ensure protection against the harmful effects of the sun. Peeling can raise sensitivity to the sun.

Instructions for use

Apply liberally on hands and massage in circular motions for two minutes. Rinse hands with lukewarm water and dry well. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin. Use up to twice a week.

Additional information

Weight 0079 kg
Dimensions 45 × 130 × 45 cm







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