Manicure Bowl


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Do you want to get the luxurious feeling of a professional manicure at home? The Herome Manicure Bowl offers you the ultimate relaxation experience.

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The Manicure Bowl will make your nail bath all the more enjoyable. The ergonomic design allows for nails to be immersed in the bath while ensuring maximum comfort. It’s also easy to clean after use.

Fill the bowl to the line with lukewarm water. This line is shown on the Manicure Bowl itself. You can then let your nails and cuticles soak for 5-10 minutes. Add a good quality nail oil for the ultimate manicure experience; we recommend using the Herome Concentrated Nail Bath.

Don’t use hot water in the nail bath as this causes your hands, nails and cuticles to dry out. Your nails will then be more prone to breakages. And that’s something you want to prevent. You should, therefore, always use lukewarm water for your nail bath.

Enjoy the conditioning features of the Concentrated Nail Bath. This oil has been specially developed for use with the Manicure Bowl. The nail oil nourishes, strengthens and repairs the nails. Even the cuticles get a boost of hydration. And that’s how you get long, strong and beautiful nails!


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