Hydrating Nail Gel


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Do you suffer from dry and dull nails? Use the Hydrating Nail Gel for intensive nail care. This gel keeps the nails supple and gives them that extra shine.

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  • Content: 10ml
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The moisturizing gel also protects your nails from drying out and keeps the nail in great condition. The gel is absorbed by the cuticle, reaches the root, and helps the nail restore from the inside. And to top it off; the Hydrating Nail Gel feels wonderfully fresh. You can apply it as often as you want!

  • Keeps the nail in great condition.
  • Prevents nails from becoming dry.
  • Provides flexibility and shine.
  • Very suitable after the Nourishing Nail Oil treatment. 

Apply the gel to the unpainted nails with the brush. Let the gel soak in for three minutes for an immediately noticeable result.

Taking care of the nails is often forgotten even though it is actually really important for healthy nail growth. Place the Hydrating Nail Gel in a convenient place – for example on your bedside table, so that you don’t forget to take care of your nails. 

Keep your cuticles hydrated with a cuticle oil, such as the Cuticle Night Repair. The rich serum with jojoba, almond oil and shea butter repairs dry and cracked cuticles.


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