Highlighter Silk


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Get an instant facelift with the Herôme Highligther Silk! The Herôme Highlighter Pencil gives a soft satin gloss that accentuates the eyes.

  • Product does what it promises
  • Efficacy investigated and proven
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Use the soft creamy texture for clear, fresh, and brighter eyes. There are 3 different shades that all create a natural effect: Silk, Sundew and Sahara.

Herôme Highlighter Silk USP’s

• Immediately lifts the eyes and face
• Eyes appear clear and bright
• Accentuates and highlights
• Eyes appear bigger
• Satin shine
• Fast and effective

Recommended in combination with…

Make sure to apply the Highlighter after using the Herôme Precision Tweezers for perfectly groomed eyebrows.

Instructions for use

Apply the soft cream Highlight either directly underneath the eyebrow arches, underneath the outer eyelashes or in the corner of the eyes for brighter and wider eyes.

Additional information

Weight 0011 kg
Dimensions 20 × 115 × 30 cm







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