Handcream Sensitive


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Achieve extra soft hands! This fast absorbing cream provides optimal daily care for sensitive skin. Added cucumber extract has an additional refreshing and softening effect on the skin.

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In addition, the chamomile extract is soothing and helps prevent skin irritation. The Herome Hand Cream Sensitive Skin is PH-neutral and contains no perfume.

Herome Hand Cream Sensitive USP’s

• Designed for sensitive skin
• Absorbs quickly
• Water resistant
• Cucumber and chamomile extracts soothe and calm the skin
• PH neutral
• No perfume
• Free-from harmful parabens and dyes

Recommended in combination with…

Instead of washing your hands with soap and water, use the Herome Direct Disinfect Sensitive. The Direct Disinfect Sensitive is the method for clean and hygienic hands designed with sensitive skin in mind. Hands are clean in just a few seconds and are also properly cared for. Added Glycerin and Betaine reduce skin irritations and protect hands from dehydration.

Instructions for use

Apply the Herome Hand Cream Sensitive to the back of your hand and massage into both hands; ensuring that both the backs and palms of hands are properly covered. Use the hand cream up to several times a day and always after contact with water.

Additional information

Weight 0099 kg
Dimensions 45 × 155 × 45 cm







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