Graffiti Nail Art – Say it – Plates B52, B53 & B55


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With the specially developed Herôme Graffiti Nail Art Plates on trend decorated nails are easily created.

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Bring out your inner artist! Stencils in different themes with various designs. The Graffiti Nail Art series belongs to the World Inspired Colours (WIC) concept and is inspired by the city of New York, where graffiti is a part of the street scene. With Graffiti Nail Art everybody becomes an artist and easily creates beautiful designs on the nails!

WIC by Herôme Graffiti Nail Art Stencils USP’s

• 4 theme plates: Flowers, Tips, Fancy, Say it!
• Available per set of 3 plates

Recommended in combination with

The Herôme Graffiti Nail Art Plates are durable and easy to clean with the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover.


Step 1: Paint the nails with a Herôme WIC nail polish of your choice.
Step 2: Apply with one of the ten Graffiti Nail Art Nail Polishes a layer over the desired design on one of the Nail Art Plates.
Step 3: With the scraper the excess nail polish is removed from the stencil.
Step 4: Press the stamp on the stencil and then place the stamp on the nail.

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Weight 0088 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 cm







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