Glass Pedicure File


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Experience feet that are soft and smooth immediately!

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Using the coarser side, remove tougher, thicker dead skin. The less coarse side can be used to polish feet and make them feel extra soft. Regular use of the file helps to prevent the build up of hard skin.

Herome Glass Pedicure File USP’s

• Inflammable and hygienic
• Feet feel soft instantly
• Helps to prevent the build up of hard skin on the feet following regular file use
• Gently rub the excess dry skin away!
• Has two strengths: coarse and fine sides
• Suitable for all skin types

Recommended in combination with…

We recommend using the Herome Glass Pedicure File after the Herome Direct Disinfect Spray. For fresh and polished feet, it is advisable to also massage the Herome Daily Protection Foot Cream into your feet.

Instructions for use

Place the coarse side of the file onto the calluses to quickly and safely remove them. Use the fine side to polish and soften your feet. Not to be used on damaged or irritated skin.

Additional information

Weight 0109 kg
Dimensions 20 × 180 × 45 cm







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