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Your perfect travel companion: the Glass Nail File Travel size. With this professional glass nail file you can easily shape your nails safely. Using the glass nail file helps prevent hooks and your nails from splitting. 

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The special structure of the glass file helps ensure the nail plates stay together perfectly and prevents air from getting underneath. The nails remain in optimal condition and are more resilient to moisture and dirt. 

Using the glass nail file makes it impossible to make a sawing movement. You can only file your nails from the side to the center of the nail. Split, broken or torn nails are a thing of the past. 

  • Ideal travel size.
  • The thin structure files even the tiniest unevenness with precision.
  • Suitable for every nail type.
  • Hygienic to use, the nail file is dishwasher safe.
  • Closes the nail plate neatly.
  • Prevents hooks forming on the nail.
  • Makes the wrong filing technique impossible.
  • Customs proof and can be taken in your hand luggage.

Make sure to hold the nail file loosely and place it under the nail at a 45-degree angle. Then file the nail into the desired shape in a smooth circular motion. Important: always file from the side towards the center of the nail and be careful not to make a sawing motion. The more pressure you put on the file, the stronger the effect.

Never cut your nails; file! This way you keep the nail plates neatly closed and you prevent the nails from splitting. Cutting your nails puts pressure on the nail and causes the plate to open. You can avoid this if you file with a glass nail file and prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating!

Clean the glass nail file after use with the Direct Desinfect Spray. Want to have well-groomed feet in addition to beautiful nails? File calluses safely and quickly with the Glass Pedicure File. Result: feet that immediately feel silky soft!


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