Glamour Nail Whitener


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Turn dull or discoloured nails into beautiful party nails. With the Glamour Nail Whitener, you can create a set of beautiful nails within one minute – all by yourself.

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  • Content: 10ml
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The Glamour Nail Whitener combines the great effects of the Natural Nail Whitener (read: a white nail edge, pink nail bed) with a creamy, sweet colour. The nail polish gives a beautiful soft pink, pearly shine and ensures whiter nail edges. Within one minute the polish is dry and your nails look perfectly cared for.

  • Nail edges look whiter.
  • Gives a beautiful soft pink, pearly shine.
  • Camouflages discolourations.
  • Dry in one minute.
  • Can also be used in combination with the Nail White Pencil for extra white nail edges.

Apply one or two coats of polish to mask the discolouration of the nail. Let the polish dry and after a minute you will have gorgeous nails- ideal for any party! 

Put the Glamour Nail Whitener in your handbag so you can provide your nails with a brilliant shine everywhere you go!

Create your own classic French Manicure look with the French Liner. With this manicure stick you can easily draw that white crescent moon. Without flaws or streaks.


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