French Manicure Set Pink


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Suitable for every outfit and/or occasion! The French Manicure began as a trend, but it is clear that it is a classic style that is here to stay.

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The Herôme French Manicure Set Pink creates bright white nails and a soft pink nail bed. The strengthening formula also helps to protect against tears in softer nails.

Herôme French Manicure Set Pink USPs

• A fresh, natural look in three easy steps for a complete nail makeover
• White nail tips and a soft pink nail bed
• A Top Coat that helps prevents damage to nails and/or nail polish
• A complete manicure set
• Complements every outfit and/or occasion
• Available in four natural colours


If one or more of the nails are slightly shorter, this can be easily corrected by widening the white-tip polish on the shorter nails with the “White or Without”.

Instructions for use

Step 1: Apply the Herôme Perfect Nail Contour “White or Without” for strong, pearly white edges. This is white polish accentuates nail tips.
Step 2: Apply the Herôme Natural Nail Colour Pink, a strengthening and hardening polishes.
Step 3: Use the Herôme Protecting Top Coat for a brilliant shine and strong protective layer. This hardwearing polish is dust dry in just ten seconds.

Additional information

Weight 0154 kg
Dimensions 30 × 135 × 85 cm







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