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Do it yourself! With this handy mini-set, you can create the perfect French Manicure, wherever you are.

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The Mini French Manicure Set provides pearly white nail edges, a sparkling nail bed and helps prevent your nails from breaking. This mini set is the same as the classic French Manicure Set, but in a smaller size.

  • A fresh, natural look in 3 simple steps.
  • Pearly white nail edges and a pink nail bed.
  • A protective topcoat that helps prevent damage to your nails and nail polish.
  • Great with every outfit or occasion.

Step 1: apply a coat of the Perfect Nail Contour ‘White or Without’ for strong and pearly white edges. This is the white polish to accentuate the nail edges.

Step 2: use the hardening coloured polish.

Step 3: finally, use the Protecting Top Coat for a brilliant shine and strong protective layer. It dries in ten seconds.

Are one or more nails slightly shorter than the rest? You can solve this problem easily by making the white edge on the short nails a little wider, with the ‘White or Without’. This way all your nails look the same length.

Want a mini nail file on the go? Then go for the Glass File Travel Size. Due to the special structure of the glass, the nail plates remain closed, and no air gets in between.


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