French Manicure Set Glitter


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Create the ultimate party look! The French Manicure began as a trend, but it is clear that it is a classic style that is here to stay.

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The Herôme French Manicure Set Glitter delivers bright white nails and a sparkling nail bed. The strengthening formula also helps to protect against tears in softer nails. The French Manicure Set Glitter offers an alternative within the classic French Manicure style.

Herôme French Manicure Set Glitter USP’s

• An easy three-step party look for a complete nail makeover
• White nail tips and a sparkling nail bed
• A Top Coat that helps prevents damage to nails and/or nail polish
• A complete manicure set
• Complements every outfit and/or occasion
• Available in four natural colours


If one or more of the nails are slightly shorter, this can be easily corrected by widening the white-tip polish on the shorter nails with the “White or Without”.

Instructions for use

Step 1: Apply the Herôme Perfect Nail Contour “White or Without” for strong, pearly white edges. This is white polish accentuates nail tips.
Step 2: Apply the Herôme Natural Nail Colour Glitter, a strengthening and hardening polishes.
Step 3: Use the Herôme Protecting Top Coat for a brilliant shine and strong protective layer. This hardwearing polish is dust dry in just ten seconds.


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