French Manicure Set Glamour


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Provides pearly white nail edges and a soft pink pearly nail bed. The French Manicure Set Glamour is one of our various French Manicure Sets.

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This manicure set is suitable for those who like a natural, elegant and neat look. It makes your nails look fresh, healthy and appear longer. This style goes well with an office outfit or a casual outfit for everyday activities. The nourishing nail hardener prevents your nails from tearing and the polish lasts longer.

  • Gives your hands an extra well-groomed look
  • The Nail Contour White or Without protects and hardens the natural white part of your nail
  • The top coat helps prevent your nail polish from chipping 
  • See a big difference without too much effort
  • Suitable for any occasion and outfit
  • Available in four natural colours
  • A real classic!

Apply the white edge to the wide side of the nail with the Perfect Nail Contour White or Without. Let it dry for a while. Then paint your nail with the pearl nail polish. Finish with a layer of the Protecting Top Coat. This prevents the nail from tearing as well as the nail polish from peeling. It dries in 10 seconds, gives that extra shine and makes your nails look healthy.

With the Perfect Nail Contour White or Without you can easily remove imperfections. If your nail is shorter, you simply apply the white edge a little lower on the nail with the Perfect Nail Contour White or Without. This creates the illusion of longer nails.

The Glass Nail File helps to prevent the nails from breaking or splitting. Because you can only file in one direction, you avoid the sawing movement that damages your nail plates. When using this nail file, water and dirt are not able to enter the nail, keeping your nails optimally protected.


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