French Liner


The perfect French Manicure is at your fingertips! The Herome French Liner is a handy and fast manicure tool that can easily create the perfect French Manicure edge.

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The white colour paints your nail edges a beautiful pearly-white and does not make any unwanted mistakes or stripes. The polish included with the Herome French Liner easily spreads completely over the nails. Due to the ‘long lasting’ effect, your beautiful ‘French manicure nails’ will last for a while!

Herome French Liner USP’s

• Convenient and fast
• Create white nail edges
• Ideal for toenails
• Fast drying time

Recommended in combination with…

Use the Herome Protecting Top Coat over the French Liner to prevent against damage and to make sure your painted nails last even longer.


For a classic French Manicure, the Herome Natural Nail Color Pink can be applied under the Herome French Liner.

Instructions for use

After purchase, shake and push the Herome French Liner well before use so that the liquid is properly released. Start from the outside of the nail edge and pull through a single line towards the inside of the nail.


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