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Get rid of your polish without using cotton pads! With the Easy Dip, a small pot with mild nail polish remover and built-in brushes, so you can quickly, flawlessly, and easily remove your nail polish.

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  • Content: 60ml
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With this handy nail polish remover, you can clean and degrease your nails in no time. Result: nails that are ready to be beautifully painted again. Are you painting your nails and one nail didn’t turn out well? With the Easy Dip you can easily clean one nail without damaging the other nails. And even better: the pot is refillable with the Caring Nail Polish Remover.

  • No need for separate cotton pads anymore. 
  • Refillable with the Caring Nail Polish Remover.
  • Cleans quickly, easily, and thoroughly.
  • Acetone-free, therefore also suitable for artificial nails.
  • Prevents the nails from drying out.
  • Very mild, also in terms of the scent.
  • With ingredients such as Lanolin and D-Panthenol for extra resilience.

Put a finger in the Easy Dip and run your nail along the brushes. Even nail polish that is sometimes difficult to reach with a cotton pad, can be easily removed.

Do you have many layers of nail polish, or do you use glitter polish? Check the result after a first dip: you may need to dip again.

You can also use the Corrector Pen to easily and quickly correct small mistakes. With this remover stick, you easily remove nail polish when you accidentally paint next to your nails.


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