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The Duo Sharpener creates a sharp pencil point and protects the pencil from breaking making sure your makeup pencils are always ready to use.

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The sharpener is suitable for standard and wide makeup pencils. The transparent cap neatly collects the shavings for effortless, mess-free sharpening. The Duo Sharpener also comes with a handy stick to help you remove the shavings without damaging the blades.

  • Suitable for standard and wide makeup pencils.
  • Protects the tip from breaking.
  • Includes a stick for easy removal of the shavings.
  • A cap that collects the shavings for mess-free sharpening.
  • Transparent cover shows when the sharpener needs to be emptied.

By rotating the pencil, just as you do when sharpening a normal pencil, you can create a sharp point. The Duo Sharpener is suitable for use with both Brow Pencils and Highlighters.

With the professional Duo Brow Brush you can easily shape your eyebrows in 2 simple steps. Use the slanted brush to apply eyebrow powder and colour the eyebrow in very precisely. Use the bristled brush for shaping the eyebrow hairs.

Another tool to perfectly shape the eyebrows is Herome’s Precision Tweezer. With these professional tweezers you can easily get rid of even the shortest, finest hairs! 


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