Duo Brow Brush


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This eyebrow pencil doesn’t only help you to draw a natural eyebrow shape, you also easily shape the eyebrow with the brush to immediately create more expression in your face.

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This eyebrow brush is of professional quality and is the ideal make-up accessory for creating the perfect eyebrow shape. Apply the eyebrow powder and colour the eyebrow very precisely with the slanted brush. Use the bristled brush to shape the eyebrow hairs.

  • The slanted eyebrow brush helps create a sharp and precise eyebrow shape.
  • The bristled brush is specially shaped to shape the eyebrow hairs.

Use one of Herome’s Brow Powders. Use the slanted brush to apply a small amount of eyebrow powder to the eyebrow. You can then use the bristle brush to blend the colour and comb the eyebrow hairs into shape.

With the Brow Stencils it is easier to determine the right eyebrow shape. Hold a stencil on the eyebrow and simply fill it in. There is a suitable eyebrow template for every face shape to help you accentuate the natural shape of your eyebrow.

Put your eyebrows in the spotlight: apply a soft satiny shine under the eyebrow arch with the Highlighter Sahara. For a fresh and shiny look!


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