Direct Desinfect Spray


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Extra clean hands without using any water! The Herome Direct Disinfect Spray leaves you with clean hands that last all day without feeling rough or dry.

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  • Content: 75ml
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This special formula contains moisture-regulating ingredients that keep the skin soft and supple. In addition, 99% of all harmful bacteria are killed – a percentage that can never be reached with just water and soap. Direct Disinfect Spray is the perfect way to achieve hygienic cleaning on the road, on vacation, during food preparation or childcare. Bacteria on doorknobs, telephones and toilets are removed with the Direct Disinfect Spray. Within seconds, surfaces and hands are clean, dry and free from dangerous bacteria.

Herome Direct Disinfect Spray USP’s

• Suitable for quick cleaning of objects: phones, toilets, etc.
• Easy to carry in bags
• Perfect for keeping inside a diaper bag!
• Kills 99% of all bacteria; clean and dry hands in just a few seconds
• Wash your hands without water and soap
• Extremely effective
• Does not dry out the skin
• Ideal for use on feet after the gym, swimming pool or sauna
• Free from nasty fragrances

Instructions for use

Spray a small amount of Direct Disinfect onto the hands and rub hands evenly together. In seconds, the hands are dry and bacteria-free. Alternatively, spray Directly Disinfect onto objects like your desk or mobile phone, and wipe down with a tissue. Within a few seconds, harmful bacteria are removed.


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