Direct Desinfect Double Active 200ml


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Extra clean hands without using any water! The Herome Direct Disinfect Double Active leaves you with clean hands without feeling rough or dry.

  • SKU: E10000
  • EAN: 8711661000361
  • Content: 200ml
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Added Glycerin protects your hands against dehydration. Hands are not only cleaned thoroughly but also properly cared for! In addition, 99% of all harmful bacteria are killed – a percentage that can never be reached with just water and soap. Available in 75 ml and 200 ml bottle.

Direct Disinfect Double Active 200 ml USP’s

• Leaves you with clean hands that are 99% bacteria and virus-free
• Dries within a few seconds
• Clean hands without using water and soap
• Twice as effective as the original formula
• Does not dry out the skin
• Free-from nasty fragrances
• Ideal for traveling, in the workplace, on vacation, after toilet use, before food preparation or baby care

Instructions for use

Apply a small amount of Direct Disinfect Double Active to one hand and rub hands together to evenly spread the disinfectant. Any residing granules that you may feel are bits of dirt that have been released from the skin.


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