Daily Protection Foot Cream


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The Herome Daily Protection Foot Cream is the ideal product for everyday foot care. This refreshing cream contains a variety of stimulating ingredients.

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Herome Daily Protection Foot Cream with mild fragrances moisturizes the skin effectively, whilst not being overly greasy and can be absorbed directly by the skin. A thin film that remains on the skin after its application enhances the skin’s natural barriers and prevents damage. The cream is the perfect preparation for warmer summer days and open shoes, but can also be used during cold winter days to give bacteria and skin fungi less chance to breed in warm socks and shoes.

Herome Daily Protection Foot Cream USP’s

• Refreshes feet with a cooling effect
• Calms (itchy) skin irritations
• Absorbs quickly
• Protects skin from bacteria
• Contains menthol: cooling, antiseptic, soothing, reduces itching and pain
• Contains triclosan: prevents bacterial build-up on the skin
• Contains glycerin: protects and ensures essential moisture balance

Instructions for use

Dry the feet well after a (foot) bath or shower before applying the Herome Daily Protection Foot Cream. The cream is suitable for use in the morning to ensure that feet stay clean and fresh throughout the day

Additional information

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