Daily Protection Foot Cream


Refreshes the feet and provides a cooling effect! The Daily Protection Foot Cream is the ideal foot care for your every day foot care routine.

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The nourishing foot cream with a mild scent spreads easily, isn’t greasy and is immediately absorbed by the skin. A thin layer is left on the skin to strengthen the natural protection layer of the skin and prevent a burning sensation. The Daily Protection Foot Cream is the perfect preparation for hot summer days and open shoes, but also on cold winter days to help prevent skin irritations in warm shoes. 

  • Refreshes the feet and gives a cooling effect.
  • Soothes (itchy) skin irritations.
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Protects the skin against bacteria and fungus.
  • Contains caring ingredients such as:
    • Menthol: has a cooling, calming effect and reduces itching and pain.
    • Triclosan: prevents the growth of bacteria.
    • Glycerine: protects the skin and ensures a proper moisture balance.

Dry the feet well after a (foot) bath or shower before applying the Daily Protection Foot Cream. The foot cream can be applied in the morning so that the feet feel clean and fresh all day long.

For tired legs and feet, use the Refreshing Foot Spray. This soothing foot spray stimulates blood flow, relieving the feeling of fatigue.

File your calluses safely and quickly with the Glass Pedicure File. Your feet will immediately feel velvety soft and smooth.


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