Cuticle Pusher


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Prevent damage to the nails! The Herome Cuticle Pusher is an indispensable accessory for all manicure treatments. With the Cuticle Pusher, the cuticles are properly pushed back.

  • Product does what it promises
  • Efficacy investigated and proven
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It is important to pre-treat cuticles with either the Herome Cuticle Peeling Gel or the Herome Cuticle Remover in order to properly protect nails from damage.

Herome Cuticle Pusher USP’s

• The accessory for complete cuticle care
• Nail growth is properly stimulated
• Hygienic
• Handy plastic tip to remove dirt under the nails

Recommended in combination with…

Use the Herome Direct Disinfect Spray to properly clean the area before using the Cuticle Pusher. With this spray, 99% of all harmful bacteria are killed – a percentage that can never be reached by just using water and soap.

Instructions for use

First, use either the Herome Cuticle Remover or the Herome Cuticle Peeling Gel on the nails before pushing back the cuticles using the Herome Cuticle Pusher.

Additional information

Weight 0006 kg
Dimensions 2 × 155 × 20 cm







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