Cuticle Pusher


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Prevent damage to cuticles and the nail root with the Cuticle Pusher. A must-have tool for any manicure treatment.

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The Cuticle Pusher gently pushes the cuticles back. By doing so, the nail gets the nutrition it needs and you stimulate the natural nail growth.

  • A must-have tool for cuticle care.
  • Nail growth is stimulated.
  • Hygienic. 
  • A plastic tip to remove dirt from under the nails.

For the best cuticle care, first apply the Cuticle Remover or Cuticle Peeling Gel to the cuticles. This makes the cuticle smooth and supple. Then gently push them back with the Cuticle Pusher.

Never push back your cuticles with your nails. By using your own nails, you simply push bacteria under your cuticles which increases the risk of inflammation. Therefore, always use a cuticle pusher for a clean result.

Use the Direct Disinfect Spray to clean and free the Cuticle Pusher from bacteria before use. This disinfectant spray removes 99% of all bacteria and doesn’t dry out the skin on your hands.


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