Cuticle Peeling Gel


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Do you want flexible and smooth nails in just one minute? The Herome Cuticle Peeling Gel releases and frees stuck cuticles.

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It loosens the cuticles, making them more elastic and flexible. More flexible cuticles ensure a better nutrition of the matrix and improved nail growth. The Cuticle Peeling Gel has plastic granules that provide a thorough and clean result.

Herome Cuticle Peeling Gel USP’s

• Loosen cuticles and make them flexible
• Plastic granules remove and soften harder skin
• Growth of nails is no longer be delayed
• No more fading white, dry skin around the nails

Recommended in combination with…

If the Herome Cuticle Peeling Gel is applied correctly, the cuticle can easily be pushed back with the Herome Cuticle Pusher. Never push your cuticles back with your own nails, as you risk pushing bacteria further under your nails and increase the chance of inflammation.

Instructions for use

Spread the Herome Cuticle Peeling Gel onto the cuticles in a U-shape. Allow the product to soak in to the nail for five minutes and then massage it in. Rinse the nails with water so that all of the scrub particles are removed. Finally, push back the cuticles carefully using the Herôme Cuticle Pusher.


Do not push the cuticles back until after you have rinsed the product off in order to prevent scrub particles being pressed underneath the cuticle.

Additional information

Weight 0055 kg
Dimensions 35 × 135 × 35 cm







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