Cuticle Night Repair ‘Wonderpen’


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Say goodbye to damaged cuticles! Apply for 7 days before bedtime.

This miraculous serum hydrates and nourishes your cuticles, instantly soothing painful inflammations! Healthy cuticles are the key to beautiful nails.

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The Cuticle Night Repair “Wonderpen” is infused with powerful ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Shea butter, and almond oil. These rich oils provide intense nourishment and deep hydration, leaving your cuticles feeling soft and supple. Experience the soothing power of Aloe vera and chamomile, while Vitamin E and Vitamin A protect your cuticles, strengthening the nails and promoting growth.

Use four times a year in a treatment regimen for healthy cuticles. Twist the bottom of the pen to dispense the product and apply it directly to the cuticles. Gently massage for optimal absorption.

TIP: Use the Wonderpen daily for a consistent improvement in cuticle health and nail growth.

Motivation Booster:

Place the pen on your bedside table or in your makeup bag to remind yourself to care for your cuticles daily. Your cuticles will thank you!


Every night: Before bedtime is your special moment with the Wonderpen. This ritual ensures maximum absorption and recovery while you sleep.

After polishing: Use the Wonderpen after each polish and manicure treatment to soothe and hydrate your cuticles.

Make it a Habit:

By keeping the Wonderpen in a visible spot, such as your bedside table, bathroom shelf, in your car, or on your desk, you’ll be daily reminded of your cuticle care routine.

Combine the Wonderpen with Herome Nail Hardener Strong for the ultimate nail care ritual. While the Wonderpen works overnight to restore your cuticles, the Nail Hardener ensures your nails stay strong and healthy. Together, they provide 360° care for your nails.


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