Cream For Chapped Skin


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Do you suffer from dry skin and painful tears or cracks? Use the Cream For Chapped Skin to give your hands the intensive care they need.

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The rich composition of ingredients protects, nourishes, and restores the skin to prevent tears or cracks. An added bonus: the skin feels velvety soft after use! The hand cream contains shea butter, aloe vera, vitamins E and B5, lanolin, bisabol and allantoin which stimulates wound healing and increases the resistance of the skin.

  • Protects, cares for, and repairs the sensitive skin of the hands.
  • Prevents annoying chapping.
  • Promotes wound healing.
  • Gives a silky feel.
  • In a convenient bottle with a pump.

Apply the Cream For Chapped Skin to the back of the hand and massage in the cream with the back of the other hand. Finally, rub the cream into the palms. Use the hand cream at least twice a day for optimal results. 

For optimal skin care, use the 24-Hour Protective Hand Cream daily after cleansing or use the Overnight Hand Mask at night. Looking for a product to restore extremely damaged hands? Try Herome’s the Cream for Chapped Skin.

Read more about the consequences of dry or damaged hand skin here

For extra hand care, use the Cure For Chapped Skin and apply the cream before going to sleep. Do you suffer from painful, dry spots on your feet? The Chapped Skin Foot Cream, helps make  the skin more resilient and stimulates blood circulation. Perfect for optimal foot care!


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