Concentrated Nail Bath Oil & Manicure Bowl with a towel as gift


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Recreate that calming nail salon experience in the comfort of your home. As well as getting your home manicure off to a flying start, the nourishing nail bath will give you that blissful feeling of relaxation.

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This luxurious set consists of the following products:

Concentrated Nail Bath
The restorative oil makes and keeps the nails and cuticles shiny, healthy and supple. The Concentrated Nail Bath Oil is a good start for any manicure treatment. This way you can intensively nourish your nails at home and stimulate the natural growth of the nail.

Manicure Bowl
Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Manicure bowl, it allows for nails to be immersed in the bath while ensuring maximum comfort. An essential addition to your manicure treatment.

Manicure Towel
For a real manicure feeling this set is completed with a soft Manicure Towel.

Fill the bowl with lukewarm water as indicated in the Manicure Bowl.

For ultimate care, add a fine nail oil. Use the Herome Concentrated Nail Bath Oil for this.

Follow the guideline below for adding the nail oil:

1 pipette for nails in normal condition.
2 pipettes for nails in a dry condition.
3 pipettes for nails in an extra dry condition.

Let the hands rest in the nail bath for 5-10 minutes. Gently pat your hands dry. Your nails and cuticles will look healthier immediately!


Do not fill the bath with hot water. This can dry out your nails, cuticles and hands which can cause your nails to become fragile. That’s exactly what you want to avoid! Therefore, always use lukewarm water for your nail bath.


Apply a nourishing hand cream after the nail bath. The 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream moisturizes, repairs and protects your hands for 24 hours. Even after washing your hands, the cream continues to do its job.



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