Concentrated Nail Bath Oil & Manicure Bowl with a towel as gift

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Recreate that calming nail salon experience in the comfort of your home. As well as getting your home manicure off to a flying start, the nourishing nail bath will give you that blissful feeling of relaxation.

Tip: treat your dearest mother with a wonderful @home spa experience.

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This premium set includes the following products.

Concentrated Nail Bath Oil
The restorative oil ensures that your nails and cuticles are healthy, shiny and supple—and keeps them that way! The Concentrated Nail Bath Oil is a great start to any manicure. Not only does it intensely nourish the nails, but it also promotes natural growth.

Manicure Bowl
Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Manicure bowl, your nails can make the most of the nail bath. The bowl is comfortable to use and is an essential addition to any manicure treatment.

Manicure Towel
To really top off that manicure feeling, this set has been supplemented with a gorgeously soft Manicure Towel.


Fill the Manicure Bowl up to the line with lukewarm water. Then, following the guidelines below, add a few droplets of Concentrated Nail Bath:

  • 1 droplet for normal nails.
  • 2 droplets for dry nails.
  • 3 droplets for extremely dry nails.

Allow your hands to rest for 5-10 minutes in the nail bath. Once out, gently pat them dry. You’ll notice that your nails and cuticles already look much healthier!

Do not use hot water in the nail bath as this can dry out the hands, nails and cuticles. And of course, that’s something you want to avoid! Instead, fill the Manicure Bowl with lukewarm water only.

After using the nail bath, make sure to apply a good hand cream.  The 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream  hydrates, repairs and protects your hands for a whole 24 hours. Even after washing your hands, the cream continues working its magic!



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