Colour Revival

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Make damaged or chipped nail polish shine bright again with the Colour Revival!

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There is nothing more annoying than the moment when you chip freshly polished nails or, when your colour fades too quickly. Designed especially for those who regularly wear nail polish, Herome is pleased to announce the launch of Colour Revival. This glossy, quick-drying formula intensifies a dull colour and restores small chips. The result? Nails that look as if they have just been painted!

It’s time for slippers, sandals and polished toenails again! Nail polish on toenails often stays nicer for longer than on your fingernails. However, toenail polish can quickly become dull after just a few days of sun, sea and the beach. Bring your nail polish back to life with the Colour Revival! This unique varnish makes dull or damaged nail polish shine bright again!


Save time! If you use Colour Revival, you won’t have to paint your nails all over again. Refresh chipped or dull nail polish by applying one coat of Colour Revival on top of your nail polish. The result? The WOW factor: your nails look freshly polished again!

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1 review for Colour Revival

  1. kel_alves

    Best product in the market to revive our nail polish, easy to apply and made my manicure last twice as long.

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