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Do you want to stop biting your nails, but are you finding it hard? Herome is here to help! Due to the bitter taste of Bye Bite you will leave your nails and cuticles alone once and for all.

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The Bye Bite from Herome has a bitter taste which makes biting your nails very unpleasant. The product is enriched with vitamin E which not only helps to strengthen your nail structure, but also stimulates nail growth. It can also be used to help stop thumb sucking. Good to know: the product is not harmful for your health and can safely be used by children. 

  • Prevents both nail biting and cuticle biting due to the bitter taste.
  • Strengthens the nail structure and stimulates nail growth.
  • Does not dissolve in water.
  • Contains no harmful substances.
  • Flavour only disappears when the product is removed with the Caring Nail Polish Remover.

Day 1: Apply one or two coats of Bye Bite to the nails.

Day 2: Let it rest for a day.

Day 3: Apply another coat. If the layer becomes too thick, remove it with the caring nail polish remover remover and apply a new layer.

Did you know that nail biting can inflame your cuticles? By biting your nails,  your nail structure will deteriorate but luckily, the Bye Bite will make it easier to quit nail biting once and for all!

Use the Cuticle Remover to push back the cuticles. This prevents stuck cuticles that slow down your nail growth. Then take care of your cuticles with a nourishing cuticle oil.


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