Brow Pencil Taupe


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Improve your glance with the Herome Brow Pencil Taupe! This tool creates a natural eyebrow shape and colour that lasts the entire day.

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The Herome Eye Care Brow Pencil has a double function! A coloured tip to fill in your eyebrows on one side, and a brush to model and shape your brows on the other. Due to the solid point, it is easy to draw and fill in eyebrow hairs. The included pencil sharpener means that you will always have a sharp pencil point to create perfect eyebrow contours.

Herome Brow Pencil Taupe USP’s

• High pigment concentration
• Very accurate result
• Dry texture ensures that eyebrows lasts
• Accentuates the eyebrows with a bold result
• Brush is specially designed to model and shape eyebrows
• Available in 4 different shades

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Do you find it difficult to determine the shape of your eyebrows? Try the Herome Brow Stencils to discover your perfectly shaped eyebrows. Hold the template up to the eyebrow and fill it in using a Brow Pencil!

Instructions for use

Use the Brow Pencil to easily draw, shape and fill in your desired eyebrow shape.

Additional information

Weight 0018 kg
Dimensions 20 × 200 × 40 cm







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