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A must-have: An eyebrow pencil that helps achieve better colour, shape and volume. Create the perfect brow all by yourself!

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The eyebrow pencil consists of two tools. On one side a coloured tip to colour in or draw your eyebrows, on the other side a brush to shape your eyebrow hairs. With the supplied sharpener you are always assured of a sharp pencil point for that perfect contour.

  • Full colour due to a high concentration of colour pigment.
  • A firm pencil point for an accurate result.
  • Lasts extra-long due to the dry texture.
  • Accentuates the eyebrows.
  • Easily style eyebrow hairs with the brush.
  • Available in 4 different shades: Blonde, Taupe, Brown, Black.

Easily draw and colour in your eyebrows thanks to the sturdy tip of the pencil. Use the brush to brush them into shape, and voila, a real wow-brow! 

For extra volume, use the Brow Gel Professional. This fixing eyebrow gel keeps eyebrow hairs in place and gives a natural shine.

Use Brow Stencils to easily determine the eyebrow shape that suits your face. Hold a stencil on the eyebrow and colour it in with an eyebrow pencil or Brow Powder. Don’t worry, there is a suitable eyebrow template for every face shape! 


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