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Stubborn eyebrow hairs can be annoying. Keep your brows in place with Herome’s ultra-strong, fixing eyebrow gel. Full eyebrows, all day long!

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  • EAN: 8711661061461
  • Content: 6ml
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Due to the fixing effect of the Brow Gel Blond, the eyebrows stay in shape all day long. The gel is enriched with D-panthenol for a nourishing effect and beautiful shine. Available in 2 strengths: the Brow Gel Clear for medium fixation and the Brow Gel Professional for ultra-strong fixation. Or choose a suitable eyebrow gel from the 4 different colours: Blonde, Red, Brown and Dark Brown. 

  • Care and styling in one.
  • A fixing gel with nourishing effect.
  • Long-lasting effect.
  • A natural effect quickly and effectively.
  • The brush is specially shaped for easy shaping of the eyebrow hairs.
  • Keeps stubborn hair in shape all day long.
  • Gives a natural shine.

Create full brows by brushing the brow hairs outwards. Use the short bristles of the brush for more volume and the long bristles for separation.

Use Brow Stencils to easily determine the eyebrow shape that suits your face. Hold a stencil on the eyebrow and colour it in with an eyebrow pencil or Brow Powder. Don’t worry, there is a suitable eyebrow template for every face shape! 

Need help plucking your eyebrows? With the Precision Tweezer you can easily remove unwanted eyebrow hairs. The tweezers have a slanting tip which helps easily remove the finest hairs. 


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