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Herome’s Chocolate Brown Brilliant Mascara provides long, full lashes. The nourishing ingredients protect the lashes from breaking.

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Using mascara without nourishing ingredients will weaken the eyelashes increasing the chance of thinner hairs or even hair loss. Ingredients such as vitamin E, bamboo and rice oil protect your lashes from damage and drying out. Antioxidants counteract the ageing process and ensure that the lashes remain full and shiny. The Brilliant Mascara Chocolate Brown is perfect if you want to create a less harsh gaze but makes your eyes pop.  A must if you want to create an open eye and awake look.

  • Volume mascara.
  • Is enriched with vitamin E, bamboo and rice oil, for full, shiny and long lashes.
  • Nourishes the lashes instead of weakening them.
  • This mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • Available in the colours: Black and Chocolate Brown.
  • Brilliant Mascara Chocolate Brown goes best with light-coloured lashes.

Place the brush on the lashes in the outer corner of your eye and move it back and forth, from the roots to the tips. Then do the same on the other eye and on the lower lash lines. Apply one, two or three coats of Brilliant Mascara as desired.

For extra volume, use the tip of the brush to add some extra mascara per lash. Repeat this again for the desired effect.

The Lash Balm for extra full and long lashes. This eyelash serum is full of natural oils that stimulates eyelash growth. Clean your eyes well before applying. Apply the serum preferably in the evening, before going to sleep on the upper lash line. Repeat application every evening for several weeks. The result: naturally long and full lashes.


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