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For the perfect nail shape: one file, four different functions. With the 4-Way Perfect Nail File you prevent hooks on the nail and file your nails in the way that suits you.

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This is a professional nail file with four textures: coarse, medium, fine and extra fine. Each structure has a different effect. The nail plate is made up of several layers and with the 4-Way Perfect Nail File, every nail gets the right treatment.

  • 4 different textures.
  • The (white) coarse side files the nails into shape, the (pink) fine side files away the hooks.
  • Suitable for both strong and weak nails.
  • Prevents the nails from splitting or breaking.
  • Can be washed which means the nail file lasts a long time.
  • Flexible and pleasant to use.
  • Coarse: the white part is the coarse part of the nail file. This will file the nails into shape. Suitable for thick and harder nails.
  • Medium: the dark blue part is less coarse in structure than the white part. This part is also intended to file the nails shorter and in shape. Ideal if you have softer nails.
  • Fine: the pink part is meant to remove any hooks. This part is also suitable for filing thin, weak nails.
  • Extra Fine: with the light pink part you close the nail plate, so that nothing from outside (moisture and dirt) can penetrate the nail. After filing, the chance of the nail breaking is much smaller.

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