4-Way Perfect Nail File


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Prevent splitting nails with the Herome 4-Way Perfect Nail File. Thick, hard nails require a stronger file. Softer nails demand a less coarse file (medium), whilst weaker nails require a gentler file.

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The 4-Way Perfect Nail File is a professional file with different strengths: coarse, medium, fine and extra-fine. The nail is made up of different layers. After filing, these layers are “open”. However, with the extra-fine side, the nail is “closed”. By closing the nail plate, painful and annoying brackets are avoided. As a consequence, nails are less likely to split. With the Herome 4-Way Perfect Nail File, every nail receives the right treatment.

Herome 4-Way Perfect Nail File USP’s

• Four different grit strengths
• Rough side files the nail into shape, fine side eliminates nail brackets
• Suitable for both strong and weak nails
• Prevents splitting and cracking of nails
• Washable file, nail file lasts longer than others
• Flexible for easy use

Instructions for Use

Coarse: The blue section and the rough side of the file. This will help to shape the nails and file down to desired length.
Medium: The white section is less coarse than the blue. This side should be used to similarly file and shape the nails.
Fine: The pink section is intended to remove any “brackets”. It should also be used to file weaker and more fragile nails.
Extra Fine: The light pink section should be used to close the nail in order to ensure that no external substances i.e. moisture/bacteria can enter the nail. The nail plate should be sealed using this side of the file.

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