2 X – 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream with complimentary Glass Nail File Travel Size


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It is important to wash your hands thoroughly and often! There is now an extra step: after disinfection, it is important to moisturize the skin with a greasy cream. By doing this, you will prevent dry skin. After you have moisturised, simply file your nails into shape with the Glass Nail Travel Size.

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24Hour Protective Hand Cream
The hand cream leaves an ultra-fine layer on the hands, which strengthens the skin and prevents dehydration. Thanks to a high sun protection factor of the 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream, your hands are optimally protected against the harmful influences of sunlight and skin aging is prevented.

  • Makes the skin velvety soft.
  • Hydrates, repairs and protects hands for 24 hours.
  • High sun protection factor (SPF15).
  • Improves skin condition: proven results within two weeks.
  • Is quickly absorbed by the skin. 


Glass File Travel Size
Due to the special structure of the glass, the nail plates will remain closed and no air will enter. Your nails will become more resistant to water and dirt. In addition, the glass nail file prevents you from making a sawing movement. The file only makes it possible to file from the side towards the centre of the nail. Say goodbye to split, broken or torn nails! 

  • The fine structure files with precision
  • Suitable for every nail type.
  • Hygienic to use, the nail file is dishwasher safe.
  • Prevents the nail from splitting.
  • Wrong filing technique impossible.

Step 1: 24Hour Protective Hand Cream
Massage a small amount of the 24 Hour Protective Hand Cream onto the hand. For optimal care, use the hand cream every day.

Step 2: Glass Nail File Travel Size
Hold the nail file loosely and place the file at a 45-degree angle. Then file the nail into the desired shape in a smooth circular motion. Important: Always file from the side towards the centre of the nail and be careful not to make a sawing motion. The more pressure you put on the file, the stronger the effect.

If you wash or clean your hands often your skin gets dry or damaged.  Make sure to protect your hands with a greasy cream. For optimal skin care, use the Daily Protection Hand Cream after washing your hands or the Overnight Hand Mask at night. Extremely damaged hands are restored with the Cream for Chapped Skin.

Easily clean the glass nail file with the Direct Desinfect Spray after use. 


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