Hand Cream Extra Anti Aging


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Slow down premature aging and skin pigmentation with the Herôme Hand Cream Extra Anti Aging.

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The Herôme Hand Cream Extra Anti Aging encourages skin cell renewal, which encourages essential skin functions to become active again. The UV filters protect the skin from UV radiation, and retinol prevents unwanted hyperpigmentation. Designed for aging skin.

Herôme Hand Cream Extra Anti Aging USPs

• UV-A and UV-B filter
• SPF15
• Activates natural skin functions
• Suitable for mature, tired skin
• Contains highly activating ingredients
• Does not leave fatty residue behind on the skin
• Convenient pump bottle


Make sure the Herôme Hand Cream Extra Anti Aging is in easy reach. For example, store it next to your hand wash or soap.

Recommended in combination with…

Use in combination with the Overnight Hand Mask weekly for optimal results. This mask has a cell regenerative effect and also stimulates blood circulation. Goodbye to rough and tired-looking hands!

Instructions for use

Apply Hand Cream Extra Anti Aging a few times a day, especially after contact with water.

Additional information

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