Cure for Chapped Skin


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Fight and soften nasty cracks!

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The Herôme Cure for Chapped Skin with Avocado oil ensures that skin becomes soft and cracks in the hands quickly disappear.

The product is extremely beneficial due to its rich formula:

• Avocado oil: This natural oil is rich in essential fatty acids and is full of skin-protecting vitamins A, D and E.
• Aloë Vera: The precious gel moisture from the tough leaf of the Aloe Vera plant is renowned for its soothing and restorative effects in treating skin damage and irritation.
• Collagen: helps in the formation of new collagen fibers in the connective tissue of the skin.
• Panthenol: an element of the vitamin B group, works immediately in soothing skin irritations and can be used to prevent age spots.
• Hydroprotectol: controls skin in the epidermis level and prevents premature dryness. Restores and protects the lipid layer of the skin and its natural defense mechanism.

Together these natural and skin-boosting ingredients provide a repairing effect that goes deeper into the layers of skin.

Herôme Cure for Chapped Skin USP’s

• Prevents and restores cracked hands
• Healing and restorative cream
• Protects hands
• Softens skin
• Convenient pump bottle


The Herôme Cure for Chapped Skin is also suitable for use on elbows and knees.

Recommended in combination with…

Use the Cream for Chapped Skin during the day for best results.

Instructions for use

Use Herôme Cure for Chapped Skin in the evening when the active ingredients can be best absorbed. Apply it as a mask to the skin

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