Cream For Chapped Skin


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Do you suffer from sensitive hands and chapped skin? The Herôme Cream for Chapped Skin offers the perfect solution!

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  • Efficacy investigated and proven
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Due to the special formula of this richly hydrating cream, your skin stays beautifully soft and cracked hands do not stand a chance! The concentrated formula contains Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and B5, Lanolin, Bisabolol and Allontin, which stimulates the process of healing wounds and increases the skin’s natural resistance.

Herôme Cream for Chapped Skin USP’s

• Prevents and soothes dry, cracked hands
• Healing and restorative cream
• Protects hands
• Softens skin
• Convenient pump bottle


The Herôme Cream for Chapped Skin can also be used on elbows and knees. Due to its richly moisturizing formula, the cream is also suitable for hand massage.

Recommended in combination with…

Use Herôme Cure for Chapped Skin at night for best results.

Instructions for use

Apply the Herôme Cream for Chapped Skin to the back of one hand. Massage the cream into both the front and backs of your hands. Massage the hands at least twice a day with the cream.

Additional information

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