Revitalising Footbath Tablets


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Revitalizing Footbath Tablets are specially developed for those that suffer with delicate skin on their feet.

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Ingredients such as white thyme and tea tree oil have a disinfectant effect and destroy harmful bacteria. A relaxing footbath with these bubbly tablets refreshes and relieves tired, swollen feet as well as reducing perspiration. Raw skin becomes softer and the feet feel clean. The pleasant fragrance provides and induces a sense of immediate relaxation.

Herôme Revitalizing Footbath Tablets USP’s

• Relaxing, luminous and refreshing foot bath
• Natural protection layer of the feet is not disturbed
• Contains white thyme and tea tree oil
• Anti-fungal effects
• Reduces perspiration


Dry skin, calluses and cracks on the heels characterize “neglected” feet. Regular use of the Herôme Revitalizing Footbath Tablets supports essential skin repair. Remove calluses with a rasp or file after bathing feet to speed up the recovery and ensure that these products are really effective.

Recommended in combination with

After a footbath with the Herôme Revitalizing Footbath Tablets, dead skin cells will disappear and the skin can better absorb the Herôme Daily Protection Foot Cream. This cream offers the ideal daily foot care. The refreshing cream contains a variety of refreshing and stimulating ingredients.

Instructions for use

Dissolve one Revitalizing Footbath Tablet in warm water and allow the feet to soak for 10 minutes. If necessary, the feet can be scrubbed with a pumice. Apply at least once a week. Dry the feet well – don’t forget to dry in between the toes.

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