Chapped Skin Foot Cream


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Chapped Skin Foot Cream heals sore, dry cracks on the feet and restores dry skin.

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Due to the intensive formula of active ingredients such as Shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin B5, the growth of new skin cells is activated, which gives broken skin (glands) a chance to recover. These moisturizing ingredients soften the skin, stimulate blood circulation, improve skin elasticity and create skin that is more resilient. Not suitable for use on cracks in softer skin between the toes.

Herôme Chapped Skin Foot Cream USP’s

• Dry skin feels velvety and supple
• Brings an end to unsightly cracks on the heels
• Intensive moisturizing effects
• Contains Shea butter: skin feels smoother and softer
• Contains bisabolol: experience soothing and purifying effects
• Contains vitamin E: moisturizing and promotes healthy blood circulation
• Contains Panthenol vitamin B5: prevents skin from drying out and strengthens nails

Recommended in combination with…

For best results, combine with the Herôme Revitalizing Footbath Tablets twice weekly. Calluses can be more easily removed after the footbath with a pumice, and the cream applies the ingredients that the skin is in desperate need of.

Instructions for use

Apply the Herôme Chapped Skin Foot Cream daily by massaging into feet, preferably before bedtime. Excessive calluses can impair the effectiveness of the cream. Use as part of a 14-day program.

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