Lash Balm


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The Herôme Eye Care Lash Balm is a nourishing balm that creates visibly fuller, longer and more beautiful eyelashes.

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The eyelash serum is enriched with natural oils, lanolin and vitamin E with moisturizing and restorative qualities. Everyone can now enjoy fuller, longer and more beautiful eyelashes!

Herôme Lash Balm USP’s

• Stimulates hair growth
• Caring and moisturizing effect
• Gives eyelashes extra volume
• Takes care of eyelashes and helps prevent future breakage
• Unpasteurized

Instructions for use

Preferably before bedtime, apply the serum to clean eyelashes and allow it to work overnight. Use the shorter hairs of the grooming brush for more volume and longer hairs for separation.

Additional information

Weight 0,032 kg
Dimensions 25 × 140 × 25 cm







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