How To apply: Herome Nail Wraps

The perfect manicure in just 15 minutes! Herome’s Nail Wraps are quick and easy to apply and dry instantly, making nail art possible for everyone and protecting the nail against cracks.

  • Quick and easy to apply, no drying time is required.
  • Distinctive designs and professional-looking nail art for everyone!
  • No messing around with wet polish
  • No flaking or peeling
  • Easy to remove

Simply apply the Nail Wraps and enjoy perfectly manicured nails in just 15 minutes.

Step 1: Push back your cuticles with the cuticle pusher provided. You can use Herome’s Cuticle Remover to lift and soften the cuticles, which should make this step a little easier. It will also allow you to enjoy the nail stickers for longer since they need to be applied just underneath the cuticles (never on top).

Step 2: Ensure the nails are clean and dry before applying the stickers. This will help them to adhere better and prevent any air bubbles from forming.

Step 3: Select a sticker that is slightly smaller than your own nail (if you have acrylic nails, you will need to choose the biggest size available to cover the curve). If you can’t find the right size, you can cut the sticker into shape. Remove the protective film from the chosen sticker and take it from the sticker sheet. Position the sticker just underneath the cuticle and press down, starting at the bottom of the nail and moving gradually towards the top. Make sure it doesn’t touch the surrounding skin or cuticle.

Step 4: Once the sticker is in place, fold any excess over the top of the nail and press down firmly across all parts of the nail.

Step 5: File away surplus sticker from the folded edge. Make sure to file downwards with the fold.  Pay attention: do not file from left to right as this can damage the sticker. By filing well on the fold, from top to bottom, the excess sticker should come away without trouble. If you have very short nails and find filing them a little tricky, try using a nail clipper to clip away the excess.

TIP: Apply Herome’s Protecting Top Coat. This will keep each sticker tightly sealed and allow you to enjoy your newly manicured nails for up to two weeks! The Top Coat will also give your nails a beautiful and professional-looking sheen.

Removing the nail stickers:
Soak your fingers in warm water. Water is fine for this, but you can also take the opportunity to pamper your hands with Herome’s Concentrated Nail Bath. After soaking your fingers, you will be able to remove the nail stickers with ease. Got residue left on the nail? No worries! You can remove this easily with Herome’s Caring Nail Polish Remover.