Mooie wenkbrauwen met de Herôme producten

Wow brows!

Besides hand and nail care we also have a variety of products for the eyes and eyebrows. From eyebrow powder to highlighters, and did you know that we even have a serum for longer, fuller eyelashes?

Luxurious Brow Bag gift!

Hello June! This month, when you purchase 2 eye or eyebrow make-up products, you will receive a brow bag as gift. It is perfect for storing your mascara, brow pencil and highlighters.


How do the results with the Herome eyecare products actually look? Ineke Brugman, professional make-up artist for (among others) Telegraaf Media, shows you! We went to the studio for two days with Ineke, Tess Evenboer (photographer) and four ladies with each a different hair colour to show what the Eye Care products can do for you!


Check out our Eye Care products.


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