The four must-haves for daily nail care

The four must-haves for daily nail care

The four must-haves for daily nail care

The four must-haves for daily nail care

To keep your hands and nails beautiful, they need some pampering every day. And that doesn’t have to last for hours. With these excellent products and this quick & easy step-by-step plan, taking care of your nails is a piece of cake.

1. Nourishing Nail Oil

Dry nails break faster and cause them to grow less quickly. Sin! The Herôme Nourishing Nail Oil is your lifesaver. The caring oil restores and improves the condition of your nails, makes hard nails flexible again and prevents splitting and breaking off. With nail oil, you also kill two birds with one stone, because it is also lovely for your cuticles.

2. Cuticle Night Repair Wonderpen

Beautiful, well-groomed cuticles without skin and wounds within a week? The Cuticle Night Repair Wonderpen does wonders. Apply the serum to your cuticles, gently massage it with the brush and then leave it on all night. Dry and torn cuticles are recovered in no time, and wounds disappear faster than ever. Must have for your bedside table!

3. Hand Cream Daily Protection

Skin ageing starts from the age of 25, so prevention is better than cure. The Hand Cream Daily Protection is an intensive care hand cream with SPF 8, which helps you prevent skin ageing. The moisturising, caring ingredients stimulate the elasticity of your skin and keep your hands soft and supple. Handy: it absorbs quickly and smells wonderfully floral.

4. Glass Nail File Travel size

Regular filing prevents hooks, cracks and broken nails. The durable glass nail file also restricts wrong file technology. The so-called sawing. The particular structure of the glass file ensures that you can only file from the side to the middle. And that prevents damage. Bonus: it is also hygienic to use because it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Beautiful hands and nails are possible for everyone: what is your tip?