Perfect brows for every woman!

Perfect brows for every woman!

Perfect brows for every woman!

It is known that eye contact is much more intimate and leaves a more long lasting impression than talking… time to pay attention to your brows and eyes. Now easily and quickly create sparkling eyes and wonderful eyebrows yourself!

Shape your brows

The first glance says it all! Herome Cosmetics has developed an Eye Care range with products which makes it very easy to create the most spectacular radiant eyes. Epilation drawing and shaping becomes so much easier

Do it yourself

The eyebrow trend of 2018 is very easy! No need to go to the salon… just create the perfect eyebrow at home with the Eye Compact Powder and Brow Pencil! Do you prefer a natural look or a more striking look with dominant eyebrows?

Lift those lashes

Let your eyelashes flutter, steal the show! The Brilliant Mascara doesn’t only create volume but also lengthens your lashes. Doesn’t that make you raise your eyebrows!?

With the Herome Eye Care range you create the desired look for every eyebrow, wherever you are. Are you curious about the Eye Care products? Take a look at the products in the webshop.