It doesn’t get easier than this: stop biting your nails with Bye Bite

It doesn’t get easier than this: stop biting your nails with Bye Bite

It doesn’t get easier than this: stop biting your nails with Bye Bite

Are you trying to stop biting your nails but finding it hard to quit? Perhaps you’ve never given it a second thought… So, how about we do that now? It’s high time for another New Year’s resolution, and we can give you plenty of reasons why you should leave your nails well alone (at least where your teeth are concerned). So, let’s jump straight in!

1. Stronger nails

Biting your nails leaves them weak, brittle and uneven. That is because they come into regular contact with damp air from your mouth. If you manage to leave them alone, you’re much more likely to have strong, healthy nails. To give them an even better chance, use Herome’s Nail Hardener; it works wonders for weak nails.

2. Beautiful, healthy hands

As mentioned above, constant contact with damp air can lead to brittle nails. However, it can also cause eczema, which can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. Added to this, ingrown nails are more common when the nails are kept short and the skin is in poor condition. And who wants that?! So, grab a rich and nourishing hand cream and treat those hands as they deserve.

3. Better bite, fresher breath

This might sound a little odd, but it’s certainly one for this list. After all, biting your nails is good for neither your teeth nor your breath. It requires considerable work to bite away at your nails continuously, and this can lead to accelerated wear and tear. And what was that about bad breath? Well, countless bacteria live under your nails, which are transferred directly to your mouth when you bite them. This results in bad breath, among other things. And that’s no joke!

Bye Bite

So… Have we convinced you to start working on those New Year’s resolutions? The Bye Bite makes it that much easier. All you need is a single layer of Bye Bite on your nails; trust us, you’ll never want to bite your nails again. Good news for your hands, nails, teeth and breath. That’s what we call a win-win!